Baffi, Poole High Street

Baffi is a lovely, snug pizzaria on the old town of Poole, on the lower High Street, right near the Quay. A simple menu of around 15 different pizzas are available which are made to order in the wood-fired oven, in which you can see the chefs preparing the meals at the back of the shop.

On the drinks menu, Baffi promote their bespoke beer, made up the high street at the brewery of Brewhouse and Kitchen, which having been on many occasions can be hit or miss. Other more commercial drinks are also on offer, and they also provide a wine selection which is comparable to other restaurants of this type.

A good price and some very tasty food, although as is the way with small-scale operations, there has been occasions where mistakes have been made.

As I’m sure you have been waiting for, the loo review completes this post. Although unsurprising, this establishment offers a single lavatory which is understandable considering the small size of the premises. Overall, a good loo; clean and unbelievably well stocked with loo paper, although there are some rough edges